Take action and implement that marketing plan you spent thousands of dollars and countless hours on. Action makes money. Intention makes a nice idea.

Invest in accountability. Invest in results. Invest in your business. This program is dynamic, designed to adapt to your business and help you achieve growth and results. I am with you every step of the way.


What do you get?


Ongoing mentoring from a high level marketing expert for a fraction of the cost of employing one in house. This is just the beginning. We are equipping you with the tools you need to maintain a dynamic marketing plan. Gone are the days of creating a strategy in a word document that is left to gather dust. Your business is growing and evolving, you need a program that moves with you. Perfect for someone really wanting to grow their biz, or upskill an existing employee!


Program is comprised of:

  • Shared digital vision/strategy boarD

  • Monthly high level coaching

  • Monthly goal review session

  • Accountability

  • Quarterly strategy meeting

  • Weekly check in emails

  • Tracking and benchmark templates

  • Ongoing evaluation of income producing activities


Shared Digital Strategy Board

In our kick off session we create this strategy board together. You learn how to navigate and manage it. We set realistic goals based upon the time you have to dedicate to the business and where you are at right now.

And spoiler alert. I can see the board. So I can see when you are letting things fall behind and give you (or your employee a rev!)


Monthly Coaching

In these coaching sessions each month we focus on a different topic. From mindset to training to new tactics. I coach you through how to implement these topics and drive results.


Monthly Goal Review Session

You can’t move forward without looking backwards. We assess your past month’s marketing efforts. Identify what worked and what fell short. This gives us the opportunity to determine if we need to change focus or keep on tracking.



You are not going to want to report month after month that you still haven’t implemented those action items we reviewed. You’re going to be held accountable, and get that butt kick that you really need.


Quarterly Strategy Meeting

Every three months we deep dive into your marketing strategy. We assess goals for the quarter and then break it down into months. We take your big picture ideas and break it down into manageable tasks. So that at the end of the year you’re not looking back wondering what the heck you accomplished.


Weekly Check In Emails

Fridays are your new planning day. You get a lovely little note from me straight into your inbox reminding you to plan for the next week. I also want to hear if you’ve really smashed your targets or are feeling particularly defeated. I am here for you.


Tracking and Benchmarking Templates

To measure any sort of success, you’ve got to know your numbers! I am providing you with the exact Google Sheets I use in my business. And you can have these foreverrrrrr!


Ongoing Evaluation of Income Producing Activities

Let’s make sure all of your efforts are actually bringing home the bacon. No point focusing on a strategy if it’s not where your customers are hanging out. Let’s get you the coin you deserve.


Who is this program for?

The business owner seeking growth. Someone has to put the work in, but it doesn’t have to be you! If you want to upskill an existing employee- make your assistant into a marketing maven, then this is the program for them. If you are an owner looking for motivation and accountability. This is for you.

Whoever is participating needs to have a mid level skill set on computers. The whole program is digital. While I advise and assist with your marketing goals, we do not create a full marketing plan. If you need a marketing plan we can definitely help.

I cannot wait to see the growth your business is going to achieve. It is going to be next level change. Not sure if it is right for you? Book a call, let’s chat.