20/20 Marketing Solutions

How we work

Our process becomes your progress.

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We customise our process to meet your needs, we understand every small business and project is different! Give us a call and we can get the ball rolling! To keep all projects affordable, we use a combination of in-house creativity and external freelancers when needed.

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We want to get to know your business before we launch into a project. Our discovery sessions are all about getting to know you and your small business to confidently understand what your needs and goals are. If you are unsure of what services are best suited for you, we can talk you through it! 

We love catching up with customers for a drink and having the discovery session in person, so please get in touch!



After our discovery session, we brainstorm ideas that will be the most effective for your business and budget. This is the start of your marketing plan- or refining it! We ensure your marketing plan is realistic for your small business goals and the resources you have available. 

We create a couple of service packages that you can choose from- or make additional changes to!



Once we have determined the scope of the project we dig into the nitty gritty. If it's a brand concept we launch into logos and colours. If it is social media management, we start wherever you have left off! This is where we do a bulk amount of the work to start your small business marketing in the right direction!



Every step of the way we like to have your input and approval! We want to involve you in the process because your brand needs to look and feel like the business you have built.

If you do change your mind after approval, we try to be as flexible as possible so you get the best results for you!



This is when we press the go button. Website goes live. Brand concept is launched. Social media turns into management. Content turns into blogs. It is the EXCITING stuff. Often, it is when you start flying solo with minimal input from us!

This stage is when the project really gets wings!