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How a marketing strategy will save you time and money.

You have been run off your feet all day, trying to attend to customers enquiries and get orders out the door, the phone hasn't stopped ringing, and your trainee called in sick. It's 7pm and you just sat down for the first time in 14 hours. You know you need to do some marketing, you know if your business was a little busier you could justify hiring an assistant manager. You know that your business is at a turning point, either stay the same -or make a push to work on the business and not just in the business.

Victoria Kopke
When cross marketing works. A Wheatbelt example.

What is cross marketing? It is when you find a company or product that is complimentary to the product or service that you offer, but not in direct competition. Put simply, think of a dog walker and a dog groomer, neither are in direct competition but offer services to the same target market. But what does it look like in the Wheatbelt? Where distance is vast and population is sparse.

Why you should automate part of your marketing.

Automate your marketing. This is completely relevant to the small business owner doing it all. I recently heard that life is a series of remembering and then forgetting what you remembered- only to remember it again in the future! How is that relevant? Well small business owners have a tendency to approach their marketing in the same way. Peaks and valleys with a haphazard method forgetting marketing and then remembering its impact. Let's fix that.

How to be intentional on social media

There's enough buzz around social, that your probably realise it's something you need to do. But are you worried your efforts will be haphazard and ineffective? It's a common fear, and you're not alone- but don't let fear stop you!  

Victoria Kopke
How do I start blogging?

Blogging can seem like a big and scary jump for your business. You might think it's too time consuming or not worth the effort. But the information you can offer your customers is priceless and builds your reputation as an industry expert. 

Victoria Kopke
Why we love working with regional small businesses!

Every small business has it's unique challenges, but in regional areas the challenges are often compounded by remoteness. We realise there can be days without power or mobile service, or extreme weather might be bearing down on you. We love and respect regional businesses for all they do!

Victoria Kopke
The 7 website mistakes you might be making.

1. Not mobile friendly

A huge majority of internet traffic is accessed on mobile devices. Globally more people access the internet on mobile rather than desktop. You need to ensure that you aren't alienating your audience!

Victoria Kopke