Making Every Month Count

Right now inside our course Master Your Marketing we are covering analytics. It ties in so perfectly with the end of the month.

You get such valuable insight from checking, recording and comparing the same metrics every month and every quarter. Analytics tell you if your content is resonating with your audience, if your new addition to your marketing mix is changing your traffic and really helps you identify where your time is best spent.


We are excited to have an entire module inside Master Your Marketing dedicated to platform analysis. But to take things a step further, within our formal membership you will receive monthly accountability checks. We want to make sure you’re hitting your targets, you’re setting your goals and you’re reviewing your metrics.

For us, the membership group is about structured learning and accountability. Each month we tackle a different topic to help you develop professionally and grow as a business woman. We are excited you get to surround yourself with like minded women, who understand the challenges you face as a rural business woman.

In addition to the monthly masterclass, we give you challenges that you can apply directly in your business. We have a monthly virtual coffee catch up where we chat all things business. Then of course the ongoing accountability so that you are staying on track and focused on the right areas of your business.

It can be extremely isolating working as a rural business woman. It’s easy to get distracted or disheartened. We want to eliminate the isolation rural, remote and regional business woman feel. We want you to feel empowered and connected. We want you to have an incredible support network, where there is no silly question. And every business woman is welcome- no matter her location.

We invite you to join us this International Rural Women’s Day on October 15, where we are celebrating incredible business women with incredible stories. We are proud to host a virtual summit to kick off our formal membership! For only $27 you are able to access the live virtual summit of four inspiring speakers willing to share their stories.

We believe location should have no barrier to access of inspiration, education or support . We invite you to join the Big Ideas Rural movement, created by rural business women for rural business woman. Head here to register for International Rural Women’s Day and join our membership program.

Your Ideal Customer- More Important Than You Think

In case you missed the Marketing Mini Series, you might not realised it was completely developed around questions from listeners. We wanted to create a space where no question was silly and every answer was relevant to rural women in business. 

Consistently questions kept coming through about connecting with an ideal customer or a target market. Let’s back up a step for a minute. Are you clear on who your ideal customer is? Do you know what drives them and motivates them? Do you use language that connects to them? 

In the Master Your Marketing course we will cover all these things and more. The basis of any business is having a viable market for your product and service. So we start there. At the beginning. 

Even if you’re an established business, it’s a good idea to refocus and reevaluate your ideal customer. Ensure they are still aligned with the product or service you’re turning out. Having a downturn in business? This is a good self check to see if what you’re selling is connecting. 

Determining your ideal client is such an important part of business. It is yet another place where the 80/20 rule applies. While you might have a hundred customers 80% of your income is likely coming from 20% of your customers. 

These are your real brand champions. These are the people you want to produce for, create for and invite to join your community. 

Having a clear understanding of your ideal customer is more than sales. It means the content your produce has a solid target to land on. It means you’ve got clarity when you’re writing content. It means you know the psychology of your buyer- which makes business so much more fun!

Join us on the journey of uncovering your ideal customer and then leveraging this information to create killer content that connects. Join us in Master Your Marketing. Cart is open September 9- September 22!

Big Ideas Rural- A virtual space for rural women in business

Cross country collaboration leads to a new community for rural women.

September 4, 2019

Samantha Meurant is the powerhouse behind The Rural Compass, a podcast dedicated to spotlighting women in business who are working hard in rural and remote areas across Australia. Each week on this podcast women from rural and remote areas speak about their businesses and how they manage their business while living in a rural or remote area.

Mrs. Meurant is also an established artist originally from Toowoomba QLD, now based in Cunnumulla QLD, running Samantha Meurant Art as well as Bubbles and Brushstrokes a painting workshop that sees her travelling across the outback. This multipassionate entrepreneur uses storytelling to educate and empower women across regional Australia. Recently, she began a joint venture with one of her podcast guests, Tori Kopke.

"I believe in community over competition, a venture with Tori meant more value for my audience and additional content to help rural business women grow," says Mrs. Meurant.

Tori Kopke is a Texan transplant based in Cunderdin WA and describes herself as "a small business lover and marketing guru." Her business 20/20 Marketing Solutions provides regional businesses across Australia with realistic marketing solutions.

Queensland and Western Australia. Geographically, a joint venture didn't make sense. However, it definitely wasn't enough to stop them. A clear vision and a desire to educate and empower women, the two embarked on a Marketing Mini Series under the Rural Compass Podcast. But, it couldn't end there. They have now gone on to co-found Big Ideas Rural, a virtual space designed to empower, educate and connect rural business women across Australia.

"We want to walk with women every step of their business journey. We want to celebrate wins with them, we want to empower them. We want to minimise the challenges of being a rural woman in business by providing resources and a community of like minded women," says Mrs Kopke.

Big Ideas Rural is launching a mini course titled Master Your Marketing, a three module self paced program that focuses on discovering an ideal client, creating content, and leveraging platforms. This program builds upon the foundation laid by the Mini Marketing Series in the Rural Compass Podcast. Course enrolment opens on September 9, 2019 and will only be open for two weeks with class starting on September 23, 2019.

In addition to the course, they have a free Facebook group for rural women in business called Compass Cooperative. Membership to the group is building quickly, it is a dynamic place to share ideas and make new connections.

You can continue following the journey of this incredible joint venture on Instagram @BigIdeasRural. This is just the beginning and all rural women in business are invited to join the adventure.

For more information please contact

Samantha Meurant and Tori Kopke, Big Ideas Rural Co-Founders

3 steps to set realistic goals in 2019.

Copy of sunny skiesand good vibes.jpg

We all hear set “SMART” goals. You get taught that in pretty much every webinar, every book, every training you have ever attended. For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, SMART goals is goal setting 101.

  • Specific- get nitty gritty about your goal

  • Measurable- get some numbers around it

  • Achievable- don’t set the bar wayyyyy too high

  • Relevant- (this is sometimes Realistic) ensure it is relevant to your business and your audience

  • Timely- set a time frame

But how do you actually come up with goals that match your big picture end of 2019 goal? How do you ensure you’re not rewriting your plan at the end of 2019 and echoing ideas and themes you’re doing now?

  1. Start with a vision board. I like to use a digital vision board, but find something that works for you. Think of your lifestyle, how you want 2019 to feel, this is when you need to dream big. Don’t hold back. If you want to be living it up on a yacht in 2019- throw that on your vision board.

  2. Break it down. Get financial. How much do you actually need to make to get the feeling of success you put on your vision board.

  3. Now work backwards. How many products, service packages, etc do you need to sell over the year to hit your goal? Can you achieve it? Look at what you accomplished in 2018. What sort of growth is required to achieve your 2019 goals? Are you growing by 20%? 30%?

Bonus step. Assess your capacity. Do you need additional resources to achieve your goal? Identify issues you think you might run into, or issues you are currently facing- how are these issues going to affect your growth?

If you want someone to help you hit your goals and hold you accountable. Then let’s chat. I’ve got a huge opportunity for a handful of business owners wanting to grow and scale in 2019. Andddd we go through the realistic goal setting exercise together.

How a marketing strategy will save you time and money.

How a marketing strategy will save you time and money.

You have been run off your feet all day, trying to attend to customers enquiries and get orders out the door, the phone hasn't stopped ringing, and your trainee called in sick. It's 7pm and you just sat down for the first time in 14 hours. You know you need to do some marketing, you know if your business was a little busier you could justify hiring an assistant manager. You know that your business is at a turning point, either stay the same -or make a push to work on the business and not just in the business.

3 Ways to hack Facebook's algorithm- so your small business wins!

Facebook and reach is a hot topic. These are my tips for getting noticed on Facebook and getting into your customers newsfeed!

Number six in my Facebook Live video series. Usually every Tuesday, but do to ANZAC day we postponed to Wednesday.

If you are thinking about doing Live video, and need a bit of encouragement- get in touch!

When cross marketing works. A Wheatbelt example.

When cross marketing works. A Wheatbelt example.

What is cross marketing? It is when you find a company or product that is complimentary to the product or service that you offer, but not in direct competition. Put simply, think of a dog walker and a dog groomer, neither are in direct competition but offer services to the same target market. But what does it look like in the Wheatbelt? Where distance is vast and population is sparse.

Why you should automate part of your marketing.

Why you should automate part of your marketing.

Automate your marketing. This is completely relevant to the small business owner doing it all. I recently heard that life is a series of remembering and then forgetting what you remembered- only to remember it again in the future! How is that relevant? Well small business owners have a tendency to approach their marketing in the same way. Peaks and valleys with a haphazard method forgetting marketing and then remembering its impact. Let's fix that.