4 Tips to capture your market in 2017

We have compiled our top 4 tips to capture your market in 2017. Our goal is to demystify marketing ideas and trends and make them applicable for your small business. 

1. Interactive content is king

Interactive content includes infographics, surveys and quizzes. This is a great way to engage your audience and get real time feedback. Consumers in 2017 want to personally engage with brands, they want to know your story as much as you want to know theirs! Infographics are a great way to start- consider an old vs new theme, or if you have incredible photos make an image rich theme. 

2. Video- especially live

Instagram now has the story feature, so does Facebook messenger, and of course snapchat. Video is only going to increase in popularity over 2017. With the fast paced millenilas driving trends, live/instant videos are going to push to the forefront. Not sure how to incorporate video into your message? Consider how-to instructional demos or customer success stories. 

3. Rise of the niche

 Consumers are used to the personal experience that has been on the rise- Coke cans emblazoned with names, Bitmojis as miniature digital cartoons capturing a persons key features and traits. That's why a niche market will be on the rise in 2017! Consumers want to find their niche-their community- and engage and grow in it. Don't be afraid to publish overly specific content, your niche will love it! Not sure how to apply this concept to your small business? Start with identifying your niche! 

4. Mobile mania. 

Have you seen photos taken by an iPhone 7? They are out of this world! The trend has been for years to eliminate other handhelds and devices. Now cameras, alarm clocks, videocameras, even ebook readers are getting passed over in favour of a larger comprehensive mobile. What does this mean for your brand? Ensure you have a mobile responsive website. You can use Google's free tool here to double check your website!