11 things you may not know about social media marketing.

1. It's okay to be cheeky!


Clever antics on  always create engagement! Live a little lighter on social media, it is a much more casual platform for you to engage your audience. Also, cheeky responses to internet trolls will probably make you smile a little more- check out Wendy's, a US fast food chain, most recent response to twitter trolls.

2. It is always best to be transparent

Authenticity online is best practice. Social media is the place to keep it real. Think behind the scenes sneak peaks, honest status updates, and live videos of ongoing projects. Use the tone of voice that matches your brand identity.

3. It's the perfect platform to share content...

You can always share other sources content on social, in fact it's encouraged! If you find industry articles or videos that are relevant to your audience, by all means share them. 

4. It's a great place to build your community

"Community" we throw that word around a bit in marketing circles. Basically we want to think of customers as more than a number and create a two way street of engagement. You can use groups to really closely interact with customers and with peers.

5. Something is better than nothing

Please don't create social pages and then do nothing. You don't want to have social pages empty from years ago- it will appear your brand isn't active- which is the last thing you want! If you have your social pages but don't know where to start, make a commitment to one social post a fortnight. Pick a day and post!

6. Use a custom hashtag- they're searchable!

Use the same hashtags for your brand. It will also tie all of your posts together through the same hashtag. Try to limit yourself to 2- 3 hashtags you use consistently across all platforms.

7. You can shorten URL's 

Twitter limits your characters- which you probably new! So when sharing make sure you shorten your URL to maximise the available characters.

8. Dare to discuss

Controversy- it always creates a whirlwind of engagement. As a brand you can decide if it is best practice to remain neutral, or take a side. Don't pretend controversial subjects don't exist, and if you do take a side- prepare to defend!

9. You need to be quick

If someone messages your page or comments on a post, don't take weeks to respond. Try to get back to them within a day maximum. Get all the social platforms you use regularly on your mobile- so you can get back to your people quickly! After much frustration, I once put a very cheeky post on Telstra's facebook page. They didn't respond- until it went viral. If you have negative comments, address them (that's also part of number 10).

10. Humanize your brand.

Social is where you really get to shine. Your business personality comes to life. Your audience will grow to love the human aspects of your brand- just make sure you show them that side!

11. Have fun!

Don't take yourself too seriously on social. Have fun, you deserve it.