The 7 must haves of a branding guide.

A branding bible, style guide, or branding guide  can be complex or simple. It includes the basics anyone would need to create branded content for your business. You can create your own or have  20/20 Marketing Solutions assist you!

#1 Brand Identity

Before you start a branding guide you must ensure your brand identity is clear and concise. A brand identity includes everything from target market, vision, mission, core values, company tone or vibe. Have these key items articulated so that you can ensure as you build your branding guide- your brand identity is translated.

#2 Company Profile or USP (Unique Selling Point)

This is a summary of the company and it's overarching mission and vision. Also an opportunity to define what is unique about you! Remember, this guide is created with the intent to pass on to others that can emulate the brand you have created.

#3 Logo

A logo is usually the first impact customers will get of your company, and you want to ensure it is being used in a way that matches your brand. 

#4 Company Colour Palette

This is where you can list the RGB and CMYK colours of your logo and branding. If you have a logo but are unsure of the colours- we can easily help you identify them!

#5 Font

Font is important to define so you can keep it consistent across all mediums. The font you use will be dictated by your target market and company tone.

#6 Platform

Identify if your company is digital focused or still reliant upon print media. Define where you want your branding present.

#7 Company Tone

The tone or vibe of your company might be difficult to express, so this part of the guide is often more creative than others. Think vision board-esque portrayal.