3 Free marketing tools for the time poor small business owner.

We put together a brief list of some marketing tools that are free and easy to use for your small business.

1. Use a social media scheduling tool.

Now this is incredibly controversial in marketing circles- Some believe using a scheduler will lower your posts impact than manual posting. However, Facebook does have a scheduling tool native to the site that you can utilise- read here how to use the scheduling tool. Or check out Hootsuite- especially if you want to post on multiple social pages at once.

2. Create graphics that are meaningful to your brand.

There are a few different design programs that are free, but we recommend Canva due to it's wealth of stock images you can use. It is also available on desktop, mobile, or tablet. Haven't quite nailed down what your brand looks and feels like? Read our 7 must haves of a branding guide.

3. Google makes it easy.

Google might seem like a surprising selection for a must have tool- but it is. Check if your website is mobile friendly. Or get listed on Google with Google My Business. If you are a bit more tech savvy- get Google Analytics set up on your website! The only service Google charges is for is Google Adwords- so take advantage of their free tools.