What does the rise of video mean for small business?

As you may have seen- 2017 is the era of video. We will cover a few questions you might have. What does this mean? Is it going to be expensive? How do I use video for my small business?

Statistics really paint the picture of importance video will have going into 2017. Here is a great infographic by HighQ. 

Video doesn't have to be expensive.

There are multiple platforms that accept and expect different types of video. The important thing to remember is to use a platform that your audience is using. Snapchat and Instagram are often casual, fun, and relatable. Facebook Live is another great way to humanise your brand. Keep in mind with Facebook Live your followers will get a notification- so use it differently than you would Snapchat. YouTube can be anywhere on the spectrum from a full scale professionally produced profile to more informal product overviews or customer interviews. 

Not sure where to start using video in your brand message?

It is commonly known that landing pages with video on them have a lower bounce rate and higher engagement. So this is a great place to put a video that presents a profile or overview of your company. Think 60 seconds or less!

Though there might be a bit of an upfront investment, you'll be able to use this video across LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Because Google is putting more importance on YouTube in 2017, a video will also make it easier for your brand to be found!

If you are going to do informal Snap or Insta stories, consider a consistent feature. Maybe every Tuesday you feature a new product? Or you introduce a member of your team? This is also a great place to run contests! The best news is- these platforms expect casual content! So just figure out what you're going to feature, and point and shoot!

We could keep going, but will save animated ads, and slideshows for another day!