The 7 website mistakes you might be making.

1. Not mobile friendly

A huge majority of internet traffic is accessed on mobile devices. Globally more people access the internet on mobile rather than desktop. You need to ensure that you aren't alienating your audience!

2. No analytics

If you can't tell what people are doing on your website, or why they might be leaving then you are doing your business a disservice. With analytics you will be able to see your audiences behaviour and actually address why they might be leaving!

3. Too many words

2017 is the year of the visuals- if it can be said by photo, infographic, or video then utilise one of those mediums! Don't overwhelm visitors with too much information, you have seven seconds to make an impression and capture the audience.

4. No call to action

You need clear navigation and defined "next steps" for your visitors to take. Make it easy for them to get in touch, and let them know exactly where they need to go to do it! A great call to action is offering free content- think guidebooks, maps, free templates. 

5. Contact information hard to find

As a rule of thumb, have your phone number on the top of your website, visible on every page. Also a Contact Us page helps visitors get in touch. Every minimum should also get involved on Google My Business to help with SEO and distribute contact information.

6. Web form fails

This is is an easy mistake that you may not realise you are making! Test your web forms and ensure they are working properly. It would be tragic if your have people wanting to get in touch but this small mistake keeps them from completing the action.

7. Poor quality photos

Great quality photos convey professionalism and expertise in your field. As said before, visuals are important in 2017 so use high resolution shots. You do not want any grainy or pixelated pictures hovering on your site.