Fast response time on messenger

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Some people like to call and speak on the phone. Some people prefer email. Others like face to face. And in the last few years- messaging a business on Facebook has become a new communication option.

One I personally LOVE. It is convenient, it comes straight to my phone, it's a communication platform I already use regularly... it is just easy.

But here's the thing. As a business I don't always love it.

I make it a point to respond quickly to anyone that contacts me on Facebook, that's not an issue at all. It is the 2am messages that I can't physically get to because I am asleep!

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Why is that important? Most people would say answer it during business hours. Well I want to get my darn fast response badge on all the time and I want a 100% response rate. A message that I won't get to for another 6 hours drops my response time. Luckily, I am the only one that can see that as a page manager.

Busted myth: having the last say.

Previously it was assumed by many (and still might be!) that to achieve a 100% response rate the business has to have the last message in the conversation. Not true! It is measured on response rate of new messages in a conversation on a given day.

So to cover yourself, it is still a good idea to respond to enquiries/comments/questions on any given day. Even if it is a continuation of a previous conversation.

How do I get my badge turned on?

According to Facebook here is how to get your badge on: 

The Very responsive to messages badge shows people which Pages respond quickly and consistently to private messages. To get the badge below your Page’s cover photo, your Page must have achieved both of the following over the last 7 days:

  • A response rate of 90%
  • A median response time of 15 minutes

When your Page has the badge, anyone can see it. When your Page doesn’t have the badge, only people who help manage your Page can see responsiveness info on your Page.

Why does this even matter?

Maybe it doesn't matter to you, but if it matters to your market then it should be a priority to you! Take a step back and think about your market and how they like to communicate. Are you serving their needs?

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