What do wine and marketing have in common?

Wine and marketing appear on the surface to be very different. One is a delicious alcoholic beverage, the other is an applied business strategy... but their similarities can't be denied!

1. They can both be misunderstood. Hands up if you pronounce Tempranillo as tempra-nil-o instead of tempra-nee-o. It's an easy mistake and misunderstanding, wine varieties are pronounced incorrectly often to wine experts chagrin. Marketing is often misunderstood as it is not often clear what marketing is. Marketing is the art of promoting as business or service in a light favourable to consumers. Glad we cleared that up. 

2. They both make things look good. Marketing involves branding and graphic design which elevates and improves your business image. And when you drink to much wine, inevitably you might find something or someone attractive when sober you wouldn't look twice. A bit of a stretch? Maybe! 

3. Both encourage creativity.  How many good ideas from a glass of wine? I'm willing to bet at least a few million. I think most can admit to coming up with a brilliant idea after a glass or two of wine. That doesn't always mean the idea has staying power once the effects have worn off! Marketing also encourages brilliant thinking, business owners are encouraged to think outside the box and put themselves into their customers shoes. To truly be a great small business marketer creativity is a fundamental aspect.

4. There are hundreds of varieties.  Malbec, Merlot, Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet, Champagne, Rousanne, Termpranillo, Sauvignon blanc, Moscato, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Grenache, Pinot Grigio, Semillion, Verdelho... I could keep going and going... and that won't even cover the blends! Marketing is similar, it takes many forms. There is traditional print marketing, email marketing, social media strategy, SEO, blogging, graphic design, remarketing, web design, market research, but the essence of all marketing activities is to promote a product or service to a customer in an effective and meaningful way.

5. Both take experts to perfect.  I doubt you could take supermarket grapes and turn it into a great vintage. I think we can all recognise winemakers are masters of their craft. There are experts across all areas of marketing, and it would take decades to learn every area to perfection, this is why we use freelancers to supplement our weaknesses! We believe our expertise is bringing realistic marketing solutions to small businesses, there are certain concepts and programs that we understand are too costly or too time consuming for the average small business owner, so we aim to make everything attainable!

6. They get better with age.  We all know the saying, "like a fine wine it gets better with age." Well content marketing is the same, essentially the more content your company puts out on the internet it will have compounding results. You might be surprised in 3 years when one of your blogs or infographics from 2017 is your top attracting content!

7. Both are art forms that can be poorly imitated. I don't think this requires too much explanation. Wine making is an art, and marketing is an art. You can either do it well or do it poorly. 

8. I like them both. I think this is an obvious comparison. I like marketing and wine. My name is Tori Kopke and I am a wine drinking content producing master of marketing.  

Full disclaimer, surprisingly, no wine was consumed during the composition of this post. I hope you realise the light hearted nature of this post.