How do I start blogging?

Blogging can seem like a big and scary jump for your business. You might think it's too time consuming or not worth the effort. But the information you can offer your customers is priceless and builds your reputation as an industry expert. 


Use content you've already written.

Any flyers or "how to's" or emails to customers that you've already got circulating are excellent topics for blogs! You can utilise the bulk of these editorials and messages then just fine tune for a blog.

Answer your customers questions. 

This is a very easy to place to start. You're customers probably ask you questions or want your advice every single day. You just need to take this information that you already give out and write it down. 

Describe what not to do. 

If you often see mistakes or people doing the wrong thing in your line of work, it's is a great thing to highlight in blogs. If you're a hardware store "how not to paint furniture" might be a comical yet informative blog that your customers will love! These are great blog topics to use when you think you've run out of ideas.

Write on industry specific topics. 

Of course you want to promote your business, but best practice is 90% industry information and 10% sales/highlighting your own business. Blogs are meant to service your customers and help them grow in knowledge surrounding your industry. This will in turn help you grow your business as they gain more knowledge and understanding. 

Pick a frequency and stick to it. 

It is probably unrealistic to try to blog every day. Add it into your editorial calendar and ensure you are able to do it in the time frame you commit to. If you can only manage a fortnightly blog post, that is okay! You just want to try to be consistent with your posts!