What one Facebook Live did to my Analytics

It's been said by many- myself included Video is in for 2017. It is what everyone wants to consume from Youtube to Snapchat to Facebook to Instagram. Video is here to stay. And I am baring all to show you what Facebook Live can do for your page. Along with one very important Pro Tip.

Practice what I preach.

As a marketing guru, I can't walk around telling my customers to do live video and incorporate it into their strategy, if I don't do it myself. Well folks I went live last Tuesday with the 4 quick tips to start using Facebook Live for your small business. My microphone didn't work the first time, and I sounded a little hoarse, but I think by all counts it was a success. If you missed it- check it out here. I also announced in this video, every Tuesday would be a different 20/20 Marketing Solutions live video!

Pro tip.

In case you didn't know. Facebook randomly selects the frame that they are going to use for your Facebook Live. Unfortunately, I was pulling a ridiculous face for the video that went viral (by my pages standards anyhow!). And it didn't even occur to me to edit the post and change the thumbnail until I started writing this post. So check your thumbnail straight after publishing and edit your post to a hopefully less ridiculous face or add a custom photo. For comedic value I included some of the images Facebook suggested for thumbnails.

Now for the juicy stuff.

What happened to my analytics? Well they skyrocketted. Like crazy. I'll just let this little screenshot speak for me. I hope that proves to you, Facebook Live can be a game changer for your Facebook Page. 

Not sure what to do a Live video on? Let's have a content strategy session and get it sorted! Get in touch with me!