Why you should automate part of your marketing.

Automate your marketing. This is completely relevant to the small business owner doing it all. I recently heard that life is a series of remembering and then forgetting what you remembered- only to remember it again in the future! How is that relevant? Well small business owners have a tendency to approach their marketing in the same way. Peaks and valleys with a haphazard method forgetting marketing and then remembering its impact. Let's fix that.

Why should I do it?

I am guessing your small business is like any where you are not only the customer service manager, human resources manager, stock controller, and CFO- but also the director of marketing. With all of your hats it is inevitable one might fall off and get forgotten about.

Marketing is your voice.

Marketing is the small business owners hidden secret that they often don't call upon enough. It is your voice to your market, your path to greater business opportunities, and your continuous connection to customers. It is more than splashing around a few advertisements and a cool logo. With the constant competition between large corporates and online buying- small business owners have no choice- you need to get it right.

Where do I start?

Start with a strategy. Identify which areas can be automated without losing the personal touch that makes your business exceptional. It can even be as simple as emails automatically pushing to your e newsletter or a few scheduled posts on your social. The importance is consistency and ensuring you don't drop off the planet when you have an HR crisis and you are suddenly the delivery driver!

Don't automate everything!

Full automation is definitely not what I am advocating, because the heart and soul of a small business is constantly changing and evolving. You want people to have a peek into the real behind the scenes ongoing fun of your business! The purpose of automating is a fall back to ensure your social media is continuing- and to make your life a little bit easier.

Interested in automating some of your marketing? Get in touch, I would love to hear from you!