How to be intentional on social media

There's enough buzz around social, that you probably realise it's something you need to do. But are you worried your efforts will be haphazard and ineffective? It's a common fear, and you're not alone- but don't let fear stop you!  

Set your social media goals

We've said it before- set out your plan. How often you're going to be posting, where you're posting and when. Set an editorial calendar so you have a plan to follow. 

Define the purpose of each post

Understand what you intend to gain from every post on every platform. If your posting to educate and inform, but not initiate audience action don't expect too much engagement. These posts are great for when people specifically visit your page to find out more about you. If it's just a fun update- that is great it humanises your brand! If it's an offer or call to action make it clear what the action is and ensure there is follow up once that action is taken.  

Avoid haphazard scrolling and wasting time

if you're managing your social media (especially on a mobile device) it can be easy to get caught up in your newsfeed. Set a timer for your post updates and responses/ interactions to others. You can definitely lose your intention on social media if it turns into mindless scrolling and suddenly an hour is gone!

Define how social fits into your buyers journey

Know what action your post is prompting. Is it for those buyers just starting to look into your company, or is it this one of the last touches before you expect a sale or engagement?  

Track your efforts

Pick a period of time (a month is usually easiest) and record your metrics for the month. Not sure what metrics to measure? For Twitter think of tracking your follower or retweets. Facebook think of tracking your reach, engagement, and followers. Instagram track followers and record your top posts and the engagement you had.  

Reflect upon your successes

If certain posts performed exceptionally well, think about why. Was it the medium (video, blog, image, article)? Did the post tie in with a trending subject (ie was it relevant to a trending #hashtag)? Was it information your audience is seeking? What did you change in relation to other posts? 

Get Social

We hope this gives you a bit of direction and drive to get to posting! If you've hit a social media rut, or not sure where to start we can help give you a little oomph!