4 Quick ways to improve your visual content

These are tips designed for the small business owner trying to do it all. If you are already mastering your marketing efforts these tips will further drive you in the right direction!

Know your colours.

Now this is an absolute must have! Know your RGB and CMYK colours, it is crucial if you intend to do any DIY design work in any design program. If you don't have the colours from your logo, ask the designer who created it! You can also vary away from your logo colours as long as they are complimentary. Once you have your colours your can modify word documents, powerpoints, and even excel documents!

Keep it consistent.

Don't get crazy and try different things all of the time! This will only confuse your audience and dilute your brand message- both massive negatives! Now keeping it consistent doesn't mean you stop innovating and challenging yourself, it simply means there is consistency across your visuals. If you do need to do a full rebrand, take your audience along with you. Let them know the reason for evolving the brand and the meaning behind your messages.

Use a design program.

We love Canva as it works across all devices. It was also featured on our blog as one of the 3 free tools for time poor small business owners. There are other programs as well- Ripl is another great one! You can also look at outsourcing your design if it's a bit beyond you. It's easy to get a series of templates made just for you.

Clarify your message.

As we mentioned in How to be intentional on social media know the purpose of every post- visuals included! Ensure your customer understands the purpose of the visual. Also ensure your visual matches any text that is accompanying it. If your text is discussing the fantastic menu at your cafe then the best visual would be a feature of your food! It would be an unclear visual if you posted a picture of the outside of your building or your staff.