When cross marketing works. A Wheatbelt example.

What is cross marketing? It is when you find a company or product that is complimentary to the product or service that you offer, but not in direct competition. Put simply, think of a dog walker and a dog groomer, neither are in direct competition but offer services to the same target market. But what does it look like in the Wheatbelt? Where distance is vast and population is sparse.

Let's start with a story.

Last week I had the privilege of speaking at the Victoria Plains Business Builders sundowner. It was hosted by the lovely Yerecoin based company Rustic Events, known for incredible catering and event planning. I was there on behalf of the Wheatbelt Business Network and my own 20/20 Marketing Solutions. I discussed branding within the community and one of the subject's we covered was cross promotion or cross marketing.

It can happen organically.

Now the next day, a fabulous example of organic cross marketing occurred. No one had a hidden agenda, it was truly just spotlighting those involved that had made the evening fantastic. This cross marketing occurred on a few different social platforms, but I grabbed the screenshots from Facebook. I'll let the pictures do a bit of talking. (And yes the catering is as delicious as it looks!)

Expanding your reach.

I am willing to be every single one of the organisations I shared above got additional traffic and additional reach than had they gone it alone. You can cross market on social media, e newsletters, blogs, websites, advertisements- the options are endless!

Building regional loyalty.

The benefits of cross marketing go beyond benefiting individual organisations and companies. If as a region we can stand together and support one another, it will benefit businesses, shires, families, and individuals. Just another reason to #shoplocal and #shopwheatbelt.

If you are doing some great things on social and for the region, I would love to share it! Tag me on Facebook or inbox it through and let's really connect!