How a marketing strategy will save you time and money.

You have been run off your feet all day, trying to attend to customers enquiries and get orders out the door, the phone hasn't stopped ringing, and your trainee called in sick. It's 7pm and you just sat down for the first time in 14 hours. You know you need to do some marketing, you know if your business was a little busier you could justify hiring an assistant manager. You know that your business is at a turning point, either stay the same -or make a push to work on the business and not just in the business.

We know you're exhausted and that you don't know where to start. It's challenging to make a fun and witty Facebook post when you're not feeling fun and witty. It's also challenging to justify the time to sit down in front of a computer when you have other things you could be doing. We get it. Small business owners are champions, and all deserve trophies and medals of recognition! We want to make it easier and faster for you to make the jump towards achieving your goals.

Clarify who you are marketing to.

If you know who you are talking to, creating content is a LOT easier. 20/20 Marketing offers strategy sessions that will leave you clear and confident in your ideal customer. We break down needs, wants, and motivations, and recognise that it is an individual that will ultimately purchase your product or service.

Define your priorities and frequency.

We will break down the priorities and purpose of your content marketing. Determine the frequency that matches your customers needs and set out to maintain a consistent method of messaging. It is important that you are posting or blogging with purpose, otherwise it can effectively be a waste of time- something so valuable to small business owners!

Stop wasting time figuring out what to say.

If you connect from the start with your ideal buyer. It will save you time trying to figure out what to say to them! Your messaging and communication is all tied back to this individual- and you need to be driven by content that is valuable to them. 

Recognise the buyer's journey.

We will identify how all of your platforms connect and interact to ultimately create the buyer's journey. We want to ensure that your marketing strategy considers every stage of the buyer's journey and leads them down the path to business with your company- again and again!

We understand your challenges, and want to make sure marketing is less of one! Get in touch today and we can discuss some realistic marketing solutions for your business.