Scandalous. A marketing expert that stopped blogging.

I stopped blogging. Did you notice? Probably not. But in a twist of irony, the only way I felt I could really explain why I stopped was to write a blog.

Time for some complete transparency. Blogging wasn’t making me any money.

It was a marketing activity that I knew I needed to be doing. It’s good for SEO. It’s a fantastic method to distribute valuable information to customers. It’s one of those basics that I knew was good for my business- in theory.

Then I had a hard look at where my customers were coming from. Newsflash, it wasn’t from the blogs.

But as a marketing expert should I have kept blogging? Probably. As a time poor small business owner, should I have kept blogging knowing it was not bringing me paying customers? Nope. Throw in the towel.

I have strategy sessions all the time with customers, and the first thing they usually say is “I don’t have time….” Preach. I know. I get it. Time poor.

The solution?

Take a step back. Evaluate which traffic drivers are actually converting clients and making you money. There is no point investing your valuable time on things that aren’t going to result in a new customer or increased profit.

Remember you are the highest paid employee in your business. Remember that value every time you sit down to spend an hour designing a flyer that might be seen by 100 people. Is that really the best use of your time?

What if you spent that hour investing into something that you knew brought you more customers or more business.

I love bringing clarity to other business owners. I love identifying where you can invest your time and money in marketing to make you even more money. I also love the look of relief on people’s faces when I tell them they can stop XYZ marketing activity.

If you’re looking for permission to stop- here it is. If you’re looking for clarity- book a discovery call. Let’s chat.