3 steps to set realistic goals in 2019.

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We all hear set “SMART” goals. You get taught that in pretty much every webinar, every book, every training you have ever attended. For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, SMART goals is goal setting 101.

  • Specific- get nitty gritty about your goal

  • Measurable- get some numbers around it

  • Achievable- don’t set the bar wayyyyy too high

  • Relevant- (this is sometimes Realistic) ensure it is relevant to your business and your audience

  • Timely- set a time frame

But how do you actually come up with goals that match your big picture end of 2019 goal? How do you ensure you’re not rewriting your plan at the end of 2019 and echoing ideas and themes you’re doing now?

  1. Start with a vision board. I like to use a digital vision board, but find something that works for you. Think of your lifestyle, how you want 2019 to feel, this is when you need to dream big. Don’t hold back. If you want to be living it up on a yacht in 2019- throw that on your vision board.

  2. Break it down. Get financial. How much do you actually need to make to get the feeling of success you put on your vision board.

  3. Now work backwards. How many products, service packages, etc do you need to sell over the year to hit your goal? Can you achieve it? Look at what you accomplished in 2018. What sort of growth is required to achieve your 2019 goals? Are you growing by 20%? 30%?

Bonus step. Assess your capacity. Do you need additional resources to achieve your goal? Identify issues you think you might run into, or issues you are currently facing- how are these issues going to affect your growth?

If you want someone to help you hit your goals and hold you accountable. Then let’s chat. I’ve got a huge opportunity for a handful of business owners wanting to grow and scale in 2019. Andddd we go through the realistic goal setting exercise together.