2018 Mentoring Program


Utilise your existing resources. Upskill.

We realise many businesses are at their maximum resource level and can't justify hiring another staff member. However, maybe you have an existing team member that could use some additional training and fill a crucial gap missing in your business?

Introducing the 2018 Mentoring Program! Solution for the small to medium business wishing to upskill existing staff and develop the marketing position internally. Utilise a combination of 20/20 strategy work with in house labour to create a balance of marketing efforts and an environment for employee growth.

This could be the opportunity you have been waiting for! Increase staff retention and secure their future with your business, by offering them hands on training designed to give your business a leg up!

Results focused approach.

  • Effectively manage in house basic level marketing

  • Templates, checklists and procedures developed specifically for your in house marketing program

  • Manage and create social media content based upon an editorial calendar

  • Ability to manage and grow newsletter list

  • Educate and train sales team to support marketing efforts

  • Create and update editorial calendar across multiple platforms

  • Identify marketing successes and how to duplicate them

  • Consistent branding and visual creation

  • Develop base level report monthly

  • Understand how to measure marketing successes