Permission to rebrand. The ins and outs.


If you’re looking for permission to rebrand here it is. If you’re not sure how to do it effectively, I’ll talk you through some basics.

Do you find yourself saying any of the following: “I don’t like my brand colours,” “My focus has changed since I started the business and it doesn’t align with my current brand,” “My business image needs updating,” “Our name is no longer relevant,” “I’m losing customers because of our outdated image.” Might be time to consider a rebrand.

A rebrand should include a few components: fresh image, updated focus area, newly defined target market, rebrand campaign. While to outsiders it might look like an alternative or updated logo, you need to do the hard yards on the inside.

  • Fresh image: This is the pretty stuff- logos, social icons, fonts, colours, templates.

  • Focus area: Define in your business what your primary goals and opportunities are. Change your packages and modify your offerings.

  • Target market: You can’t do either of the above without understanding 100% who your ideal customer is.

  • Campaign: Make the transition from existing image to new brand seamlessly. Build out a campaign and excitement around it. Utilise everything from social media through to word of mouth.

Some don’ts:

Don’t take any steps in altering your image until you have built a solid foundation.

Don’t consider minor alterations to your logo or colours a “rebrand” but a “refresh” instead. These are also fantastic and should be done often in any business- you don’t need to build a campaign around the new shade of yellow you’re introducing.

Don’t rush the process. It can take time to walk through the steps of a rebrand. Build a timeline for launch and work towards that. Your rebrand campaign will ultimately be your launching pad!

Don’t look at your competitors and think- I want to be just like them! You need to find and celebrate the things that make your business unique. And then package them nicely in a rebrand, so you stand out against the competition.

Don’t expect miracles. A new logo with no substance or foundation is not going to make and sort of drastic changes for your business. You’ve got to understand why you’re rebranding and the impact it will make on your target market. Changes don’t happen over night!

Some dos:

Do expect a better connection with your customers. You’ve taken the time to understand the markets needs, wants, and drivers. Your image and focus now reflects that.

Do include your team. If you have staff or stakeholders, bring them along for your journey. A rebrand needs everyone behind it for success. Ask for input and opinions- on everything.

Do engage your markets opinion. Think of your best customer in your target market. Find out what you can do to serve them better.

Do be thorough. Once you are at the pointy end of things ensure your campaign includes not only hype and excitement but a plan for updating everything. Brochures, website, twitter handle, email signatures, facebook page (this can be tricky!), letterhead, business cards, building signage, menus, email addresses, domain names- even how the phone is answered!

If you’re toying with the idea of a rebrand, I’d love to chat. Give me a call!