Making Every Month Count

Right now inside our course Master Your Marketing we are covering analytics. It ties in so perfectly with the end of the month.

You get such valuable insight from checking, recording and comparing the same metrics every month and every quarter. Analytics tell you if your content is resonating with your audience, if your new addition to your marketing mix is changing your traffic and really helps you identify where your time is best spent.


We are excited to have an entire module inside Master Your Marketing dedicated to platform analysis. But to take things a step further, within our formal membership you will receive monthly accountability checks. We want to make sure you’re hitting your targets, you’re setting your goals and you’re reviewing your metrics.

For us, the membership group is about structured learning and accountability. Each month we tackle a different topic to help you develop professionally and grow as a business woman. We are excited you get to surround yourself with like minded women, who understand the challenges you face as a rural business woman.

In addition to the monthly masterclass, we give you challenges that you can apply directly in your business. We have a monthly virtual coffee catch up where we chat all things business. Then of course the ongoing accountability so that you are staying on track and focused on the right areas of your business.

It can be extremely isolating working as a rural business woman. It’s easy to get distracted or disheartened. We want to eliminate the isolation rural, remote and regional business woman feel. We want you to feel empowered and connected. We want you to have an incredible support network, where there is no silly question. And every business woman is welcome- no matter her location.

We invite you to join us this International Rural Women’s Day on October 15, where we are celebrating incredible business women with incredible stories. We are proud to host a virtual summit to kick off our formal membership! For only $27 you are able to access the live virtual summit of four inspiring speakers willing to share their stories.

We believe location should have no barrier to access of inspiration, education or support . We invite you to join the Big Ideas Rural movement, created by rural business women for rural business woman. Head here to register for International Rural Women’s Day and join our membership program.