Why it's a good idea to argue with your Marketing Consultant.

Strange idea isn't it? I'm your marketing consultant ASKING you to argue with me! Look here's the thing, I don't know your business the way you know your business. You live it. You breathe it. It's your passion. So what's that have to do with our future arguments?

When working on branding your company, it's crucial that we really hone in on mission statements, vision statements, core values and most importantly- your WHY. Why are you in business? Not what you do or how you do it, but Why. You can make money doing a million things so that's not your Why. Your Why is the soul touching, goose bump raising, passion driving part of your business. And we need to uncover it.

My first brainstorm is not going to be the best brainstorm.

I love that you think I'm brilliant and you like the first idea that pops into MY head. But it's got to have you in it. We've got to toss it around, smooth out the rough patches, play with the words, and boil it down. THAT is how we get the best brainstorm. So push back, ask questions.

I can only project what I perceive. 

It might be that we have narrowed in and focused in on only a small portion of your business and passion. I can't know this without you. You need to realise I can only take the information you have given me and transform that. We need to really dig and discover to ensure we are encompassing all the aspects of your business.

It's a process.

Understand that your Why is going to grow and adapt and change as your business matures and changes. It may be the reason you started the business and your initial Why has changed. And if you are making a push to accelerate to the future, your Why is going to be reflective of that. We need to uncover your full story and journey to make your Why effective.


But please don't yell at me.

When I say argue with me, it means I want to be challenged. I don't have all the answers, but I can help lead you down the path to get you there. I want you to uncover your Why and your mission. I am just going to hold your hand along the way. I really want you to ask questions, think outside the box, and brainstorm.