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Start getting efficient.

Tailored training for your systems.

A comprehensive, hands-on training session navigating the digital landscape. We want you to learn how to use your existing systems to target your audience with effective messaging. We can also create procedures to accompany session so it may be duplicated in the organisation or outsourced in the future. You’ll leave this training feeling empowered and motivated, with a new perspective!


Focus training areas can include:

  • Blogging

  • Social Media Scheduling

  • Email Marketing

  • Website Management

  • Creating Content

  • Reporting and Anayltics

This can be packaged with custom templates, so branding and visuals are no longer a guessing game!


See what Tara Whitney of Whitney consulting had to say about this package:

Tori was a lifesaver for me! As a new small business owner who had only a general understanding of content marketing and social media marketing, I needed someone to walk me through the how-to. I knew WHAT I should be doing but didn’t know how to do it efficiently and effectively. Tori took everything in my business, did up Digital Procedures that guided me in all things technology and walked me through how to do my marketing using a few select tools. She made it simple, streamlined and easy to follow. Since engaging Tori’s help, my business visibility and engagement has gone through the roof. If you have an idea of what you should do but need help with doing it, I highly recommend getting Tori to get you set up. - Tara Whitney, Whitney Consulting